Kentucky basketball: Finally something to smile about after Wildcats romp

Kentucky’s Devin Askew
Kentucky’s Devin Askew /
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Isaiah Jackson is usually watching due to fouls but not this time

Jackson is normally the hardest working dude on the floor sacrificing all he has for the greater good of the team.

Unfortunately in most games, that workhorse effort leads to fouls and time spent on the bench watching in frustration. But against South Carolina, he got to check out and enjoy watching his team race to victory without the agony of not being able to help.

Jackson said the mental approach was the difference that allowed him to stay out of foul trouble.

"“Today, I tried to play physical but with the easy stuff. I just let it go. Coach (John Calipari) was telling me like, if somebody ducks me in, sometimes, just let it go. And that’s what I did today.”"

In just 26 minutes of his choosing, Jackson netted another double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds with two steals,  a block, and a rebound thrown in for good measure.

The true enforcer on the floor Jackson at 6-foot-10, 206-pounds the freshman has only one speed at that is full throttle. Battered or bruised, open or not Jackson just goes to work with his physical demeanor and makes opponents exhausted.

"“Of course. I might be skinny, but I like physicality. And also, the team, I think we needed to get one of those games, tough games where we had to go out there and play, had to play tough. Because the rest of the season, that’s how we’ll have to play. So, hopefully we do the same thing next week and we get the wins.”"

When your favorite movie is The Incredible Hulk and your favorite Kentucky players like Anthony Davis and Karl Anthony-Towns it’s easy to see where he gets his demeanor inspiration from.