Kentucky basketball: Finally something to smile about after Wildcats romp

Kentucky’s Devin Askew
Kentucky’s Devin Askew /
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Who would step up and be that guy Kentucky fans love to cheer for and sit on the edge of their seats if there were 20,000 in Rupp? It would be Davion Mintz.

Mintz brought experience with him from Creighton but his eagle eye shooting has kept Kentucky in so many games this season. Against South Carolina, all he did was can 5 threes in the first 5 minutes of the second half that ignited an inferno.

When asked he remembered having a high school game where he made five threes as well that was also lots of fun.

As a graduate student, Mintz is not only studious in the classroom but in the Calipari classroom that transcends to the court.

Mintz has been the shooting guard much of the season but is always ready to play wherever Calipari asks him.

"“Yeah, I’m natural there. And sometimes, this season where I would go there, it would be a different feel. It’s just been a while since I played it. And again, I took a year off last year. So, a lot of my reps have been at shooting guard for a year. But when the ball is in my hands and, honestly, and I get a few possessions, I just snap right back. So, I’m very comfortable at either spot I play at, on or off the ball.”"

In fact, he didn’t practice most of the week due to a tweaked ankle despite learning that he would be at the point. Undeterred his pumped in 20 pumped on 7 of 13 shooting, 6 of 11 three-pointers, handed out seven assists, turned it over just twice, and even grabbed five rebounds.

He leads the team in made threes with 52 and assists with 69.

"“Coach Cal has been very successful at his job. I’ve had the ultimate trust in him before I came here. I mean, he’s the reason I came to here, to this place. So, whatever decision he made, I knew that it was best for me and for the team. Before he makes a decision, I know he thinks about my best interests as a player and the team. So, whatever he needs from me, that’s what I’m going to do. And whatever this team needs from me, that’s what I’m going to do. If that means score the ball at a high level or find guys at a high level, that’s what I’m going to do. I feel like we made the best adjustment for the team and it’s working out.”"

There is always the chance we could see him on the floor for one more season and that kind of experience and leadership would pay huge dividends not only on the floor but in BBN hearts.