Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Saying Goodbye to Alex Poythress


Kentucky Wildcats basketball has had a special player in Alex Poythress, and his time in Lexington is drawing to a close.

Come Saturday, it’s time that the Kentucky Wildcats and the Big Blue Nation have to say goodbye to one of the best Wildcats to ever take the court in Lexington. Alex Poythress, a vital part of the past four seasons at the University of Kentucky, will be playing his last game at Rupp Arena on March 5 against the LSU Tigers.

Senior night is always a sad night, reminiscing on the great moments and memories of the senior(s). It’s really a bittersweet feeling.

However, like most fans, Alex Poythress holds a special place in my heart.

Even though his time in Lexington has been a roller coaster plagued with injuries and tough seasons, he’s still one of my favorites. The fact that he’s in his fourth-year of college and is now working on his Master’s Degree is flabbergasting. But it’s not just that that has drawn me to like Poythress.

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Poythress is a player that you can rely on always being there. Even if he is injured, he makes sure that his role on the team is still important and taken care of. More often than not this season, when he was sitting out a few games, you could look down and watch him show the younger guys what he’s noticed them doing, helping them improve their game.

He’ll explain to a teammate what they did wrong after John Calipari has completely torn them apart. He’s been a player, a cheerleader, a teammate, a mentor and a coach to everyone.

Poythress has had many opportunities to leave the University of Kentucky and not look back. He’s had many opportunities to just sit on the sideline and pout. But he never turned his back on the program. For that reason alone, he will always be one of my favorite Kentucky Wildcats.