Randall Cobb to Stay With Packers


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Instead of testing free agency waters this offseason, Randall Cobb has opted to stay in Green Bay on a 4-year, $40m deal. Reports have it that Cobb turned down a greater amount of money to leave Green Bay, but in the end, a shot at a title proved more valuable than the sum of his paychecks.  In the upcoming days of NFL free agency, it is refreshing to see the rare instance of loyalty a player shows to his team.  Cobb could have made considerably more on the open market, but he also returns to a team that should be a Super Bowl favorite when the season rolls around.

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Randall Cobb had what most people would call a ‘breakout season’ in 2014. Cobb, who last season had his best year statistically, caught 91 passes totalling 1,287 yards, and made a surprise pro-bowl appearance after Dez Bryant withdrew due to an injury.

Although the Packers can’t offer Cobb the amount of money other teams can, they can offer him perhaps something better: championship contention. With an offensive corps with players among the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Eddie Lacy (just to name a few) there shouldn’t be a doubt in any NFL follower’s mind that they will continue to compete for championships for at least the next couple of years.

One of those teams that Randall Cobb turned down was the Miami Dolphins, who have already made a splash in free agency with Adamukong Suh.

"The staggering money for Ndamukong Suh wasn’t the only big play theDolphins attempted over the weekend. They also were in the mix to sign Randall Cobb with a deal that was “significantly more,” than the four-year, $40 million for which the wide receiver re-signed with Green Bay, a source said. The difference was the deal was tilted to being back-loaded so the final years of the contract paid the most money. That would have given the Dolphins time to get their salary-cap structure in order and, perhaps, not be forced to release receiver Mike Wallace this upcoming season for financial reasons."

This deal has Cobb in Green Bay until he is 28 years old, and at the rate he is improving his game, he should have no trouble finding the big bucks in his next venture into free agency.

The deal is a win-win not only for Green Bay, but for Cobb too. Randall Cobb fits in the offensive scheme in Green Bay really well, He is Rodger’s go-to guy, and with the corps mentioned earlier, Cobb should have no trouble finding the success that he is destined to reach.  It’s all up for his taking at this point.

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