Last year. John Calipari's Kentucky Wildcats breezed their way through the season ..."/> Last year. John Calipari's Kentucky Wildcats breezed their way through the season ..."/>

John Calipari’s toughest opponents may just be “reporters” like Jeff Goodman

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DeMarco Robinson is one of the players that Kentucky fans are expecting to break out this year at the wide receiver position and will need to have a big year if Kentucky is to return to a bowl game. Joker Phillps heaps some praise on RObinson as well as gives some interesting tidbits on fellow receivers DeMarcus Sweat and AJ Legree:

"“He (Robinson) made a 4.0 (GPA) this summer and I didn’t get a chance to announce that to the team but that is a huge step for a guy that came in here last year and didn’t always understand how to do things the `Wildcat Way’ which is doing the right thing all the time,” Phillips said. “He did the right thing some of the time, but he is now starting to understand how to do the right thing all the time. It starts over there in the classroom and across campus. That is what we preach. We are trying to make sure these guys are well-rounded men when they leave here. You have to be able to do it all the time.” Other than Robinson, Phillips said he continues to be impressed with the freshmen wide receivers DeMarcus Sweat and A.J. Legree, saying they get “angry” when the ball is in the air. “A couple of those young guys, when those balls are in the air they are angry guys and that is what you have to be,” Phillips said. “That is what we have had around here is guys that when the ball is in the air they are angry and it is theirs. Those two guys that have athletic ability and they attack the football. I am looking forward to see how they perform and take it from the practice field to the stadium. That is important.”"

Honestly, I don’t think Joker Phillips has enough bulletin board material for Kentucky’s September 2 matchup versus the Dirty Birds, but as we have learned, Cardinals are always will to open up when there is a microphone nearby and provide more:

"Teddy Bridgewater:   “It’s going to be very different. We’re going to play faster. We have more athletes,” he said. “Last year we had guys who were just playing.” Jamon Brown:  “A win’s a win for the most part, but we want to try and win as best as we can. That means if it’s a blowout, it’s a blowout. But a win’s a win, we’ll take it.”"

To be honest, I have never seen such swagger and overconfidence from a team coming off back to back 7-6 seasons and I hope Kentucky is taking note of all the smack, especially from the younger Cardinal players.  Older players like  Mario Benavides show more respect towards their opponent and realize anything can happen in this rivalry game:

"“I guess you could compare it to the way we were playing last year at their place. We definitely don’t underestimate them,” he said. “I’ve watched film on them plenty of times. I know my redshirt freshman and sophomore years we lost to them. I’m 1-2, so I definitely don’t overlook them. They’ve beaten us before and they could definitely do it again if we’re not ready.”"