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The "reinvention" of Rupp Arena


The Rupp Arena debate continues.  On Friday, I asked the question as to whether UK fans could really leave Rupp Arena and all it’s storied history behind.  And apparently, it looks like there is serious consideration onging to renovate Rupp Arena rather than build a brand new building.  Part of the plan would actually involve moving the convention center to allow for the expansion of Rupp.  Master planner for the Arena Gary Bates had these comments:

One thing that got the committee’s attention was Bates’ belief that Rupp Arena could be renovated and expanded — adding luxury boxes, more seats, high-tech electronics and other amenities — if the Lexington Center convention facility was relocated elsewhere in the district.

“Rupp Arena has this history,” said Bates, who played high school basketball while growing up in Wilmington, Del. “Before we abandon anything, we have to evaluate this enormous value.”
Building a new convention center could be much cheaper than building a new arena, and it would allow both facilities to grow to meet current and future needs, Bates said. “We took a look at the (current) convention center and said this is not sustainable,” he said.

Brandon Ashley, the number 4 player in the 2012 class has cut his lis to four teams (Oregon, Arizona, UCLA, and Kentucky) and he told Jody Demling that it is a “very strong possibility” that he visits UK soon.  Ashley spent the weekend visiting Arizona and from most indications, the other Wildcats seem to be the favorite.  Kentucky is in the game and it could be a gamechanger if they can get him to Rupp to attend Big Blue Madness with Shabazz Muhammad, DaJuan Coleman, and TJ Warren. 

The NBA lockout continues but the NBA players are finding new ways to stay in the spotlight.  John Wall be be participating in a two week  “all NBA” league in Las Vegas in which 60 players will participate.  There are plans to be four games a day, five days a week so the player can stay in shape during the impasse.  It’s interesting news, but I’m sure the NBA is not thrilled with all these charity games popping up.  How is the public supposed to miss the NBA when the players are still in the spotlight? 

There soon could be a new name for Kentucky fans to learn for the 2012 class.  As you can see in the tweet above,  Savon Goodman is the 54th best player for the class and is a 6’6 PF.  He seems a bit undersized but he can always find room on a Calipari roster if he can be versatile.

As you can see above, the new sound and video system at Commonwealth is pretty much complete.  As you can see, its a huge upgrade and will improve gamedays on Saturdays.  Let’s get some good highlights of a win over Tennessee to show on that video board for next season.

As you know, football season starts on Thursday and we will have a lot more preview stuff over the next few days, but we have already published a lot of information to get you ready for the season.  If you have missed anything, be sre to check out our season preview page and catch up

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