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John Wall wants to be a Wizard, hopes to be the number one pick in NBA draft


I know that some watched John Wall’s interview last night on ESPN just minutes after the Washington Bullets won the number one pick in the NBA Draft and thought the normally affable Wall seemed disappointed by the events.  Now it seems that he was merely overcome with the emotion of the moment as he is saying all the right things now and clearly wants to be a Wizard.

You have to understand the emotion of the moment for Wall.  In just a year, he has gone from committing to the all time winningest college basketball program to presumably becoming the number one pick in the NBA Draft.  And on the surface, the Wizards seem to be a perfect fit.  The Wizards are desperately in need of a transfusion of personality after the whole Gilbert Arenas fiasco, and John Wall is personality plus, with an endorsement ready smile and the highlight making potential to put butts in seats.

And Wall has mentioned other benefits of being a Wizard and he readily admits he still has some work to do:

“President Obama can be at your games.  I’ll keep working hard and hopefully they’ll pick me.”

“I’m working on all the angles on my jump shot.  My jump shot is the key thing. Guys go on the pick and roll and will force me to knock down shots. I want to be one of those point guards who knock down shots you have to get over the top. I want to make it easier on my teammates. I’m not going to take bad shots but take shots that are open for me. I feel like I can be a great defensive player when I put my mind to it for the whole game, not just half the game.”

As Kentucky fans know, Wall is willing to put in the work to succeed.  Wall alluded to his work at Kentucky and how it can set a blueprint for his future success in the NBA:

People thought I was just going to look over college basketball and not take it seriously, not do my school work and just look to the draft.  But that wasn’t my goal or my mindset. I went to Kentucky to be a better player. Coach [John Calipari] and [assistant] coach [Rod] Strickland helped me get better. The college experience jump-started me to the NBA.

“I finished the semester with a 3.5 and people thought I wouldn’t finish school or blow past it since I knew I was going to the NBA.  It made me feel good because people say I’m not smart enough or I don’t take my school work seriously. But I took it seriously both semesters and finished with a great grade point average.”

As we know, Wall has a tremendous will to win and the heart of a champion, both traits that the Wizards desperately need.  And that Wall is willing to provide.  Here is a bit more of Wall speaking from last night:

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