The Terrence Jones/ C.J. Leslie decisions seem far from set


I know the commitment of Doron Lamb sent most UK fans off to bed with a warm fuzzy feeling about next seasons Kentucky basketball team. But it’s what he said after the Jordan Brand game about C.J. Leslie and Terrence Ross that really gave UK fans dreams for an eight national title next year:

“I’m gonna try and recruit them though, but I think they’re gonna come to Kentucky

In a way, you have to take Lamb’s comments as credible. He likely talked to the players after the Jordan Brand Classic and they probably told him that Kentucky was a very real possibility. But in the nature of college basketball recruiting, we find that nothing happens quickly. And the latest news from both Leslie and Ross seem to indicate that a decisions may come later and not sooner.

Kansas has now re-entered the scene as a player for Terrence Selby, and he is being recruited but Josh Selby. After the Jordan Brand Classic, Selby had these comments:

“I wish I had Doron Lamb, but he chose Kentucky. Now, we’re getting Terrence Jones, to be honest, to fill Xavier Henry’s spot.”

Such optimism by Selby may be ungrounded. One key thing to consider is that Jones once had Kansas on his list and then he eliminated them from the running. And secondly, Jones made the comment about that possible Kansas visit:

Hopefully, I will get that done. I have one official visit left. I want to use it.”

To be honest, the whole Kansas thing seems like a favor to his friend Selby to reconsider Kansas. Jones has still said that he will make a decision on April 23 or the 30th and that he does no want to miss school to take an official visit, so as of now, Kansas still seems a little far fetched.

The C.J. Leslie situation is equally interesting at this point now. Leslie was scheduled to make a visit to Florida this week, but apparently Florida has cancelled the visit. No real reason is available yet, but maybe Billy Donovan finally looked at his roster and say three guards and realized he needed to find another guard, and not chase power forwards.

Now news is out that C.J. will try to visit UConn in the next couple of weeks. Leslie admits that there has not been a lot of contact between himself and UConn lately, but he was going to try to visit them soon and make his decision in the next couple of weeks.

All in all, I do not think these announcements have a lot to worry UK fans about. It does seem that Jones and Leslie are playing a game of chicken to to see who commits where first, but the visits to Kansas for Jones and UConn for Leslie do not seem to be urgent matters on either part.

To be honest, they have the feel of what happens when you get ready to go on vacation. You know your turned the lights off, yet you go back inside to make one last look around. You know that you are still going on vacation, and you definitely are not staying at home once you go back inside. You just need to make one quick check to verify everything is fine before you head off on vacation.

Here’s hoping that Jones and Leslie are just making a courtesy check before they make Lexington their destination.

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