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I have seen a couple of online reports now that suggest Jodie Meeks is working out today with the Bulls today and not on Thursday. What happens in Chicago and that 26th spot is apparently all that comes between Jodie leaving UK or coming back. Hopefully Meels will make his announcement by the weekend. In another real quick UK update, former UK WR Dicky Lyons is working out with the Atlanta Falcons this week in hope of catching on with a NFL team as a free agent.

Well Cat fans. Today could be a rough day as the news is starting to leak out that a third Memphis player, Doneal Mack, was not allowed into Florida after his SAT scores were flagged. While at Statesville, NC, he took the SAT test and got a score that was on the verge of qualifying. He took it again and received a score that was flagged by Florida for being too high in relation to the first score. At the time, he was committed to Florida and they required him take it a third time. This time, the score was better than the first, but not good enough to admitted at UF. His third score was admissible at Memphis and he was qualified to play at Memphis.

This is really a non story that Calipari haters are going to run with so let’s take a preemptive strike and do some damage control. It is not like Mack took another mystery test for Memphis that was approved. The qualifying test was apparently administered by UF officials, and the only crime Memphis did was that apparently their admission standards are much lower than Florida’s. The SAT test that was in question occured while Mack was a UF recruit so there is no way that this is part of a nefarious scheme that Calipari masterminded.

Instead of bashing Calipari, media types should be looking at the NCAA clearinghouse and see how rampant these inconsistent test scores really are. But as Jack Nicholsen said, I don’t think the NCAA can handle the truth on this. So far, we have heard that a Georgia recruit (Dozier) and a Florida recruit (Mack) had suspiciously flagged test scores. Somehow, Forde, Calkins, Parrish, et all, are going to run with this and try to implicate Cal.
In honor of yet another expected bashing from Calkins (I am writing this early Tuesday morning so have not seen if he brought this up today yet), I decided to share some of my email exchange with Calkins from around the time of his “scoundrels” apprearence on OTL. I admit, I was kind of a prick and aggressive and Calkins was remarkably gracious about it, but he never really addressed my questions:

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 9:53 AM, Calkins, Geoffrey wrote:
Thanks for the note.
Yes, I was the original “miserable.” I praised all the winning and
criticized many other aspects of the program. John wouldn’t say my name
loud in Memphis. I was always “that guy” when he referred to me.
So, yes, you apparently missed the critical columns. If you’d like me to
send you a couple, I’d be happy to.


From: Paul Jordan [
Sent: Sat 5/30/2009 10:48 AM
To: Calkins, Geoffrey
Subject: Re: Message via the Web site

So have you written an article taking Joshie Pastner to heart for
recruitting Lance Stephenson?

He seems like a “scoundrel” to me eh?

Or are you going to sit on both sides of the fence and then when something
happens say “I told you so” and go on TV looking like an old, bitter,
drag queen?

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 11:23 AM, Calkins, Geoffrey < wrote:

You’re clearly not interested.
But, to your original point, yes, I criticized John Calipari while he was
here. So there’s no “told you so” about it. I am gratified you took the time
to read my stuff, though.
All the best,


From: Paul Jordan []

Sent: Sat 5/30/2009 12:02 PM
To: Calkins, Geoffrey
Subject: Re: Message via the Web site

I have asked you THREE times now Geoff, and you clearly are ignoring my

So have you written an article taking Joshie Pastner to heart for
recruitting Lance Stephenson?
He seems like a “scoundrel” to me eh?

Let’s be fair. Lance came to UK looking for a spot and Calipari clearly
told him “thanks but no thanks”.
Now Memphis is apparently willing to take him with open arms. Have you
written an article expressing your
outrage over this since Stephenson is widely thought to be a “scoundrel”?
I doubt you will respond and say NO but I can’t find any articles of yours
expressing this sentiment.

Also you ignored my other questions:

How is it Calipari’s fault that your AD thought it a wise idea to open up
the charter flights for the general public?
And do you have prrof that Calipari was “collecting the money” and let Rose
fly for free?

And how is it Calipari’s fault when the NCAA clearinghouse and the Memphis
Compliance Department both thought it was OK for Rose to play at Memphis?

You were all so quick to say that Calipari runs a program of scoundrels on
national TV yet I did not hear you implicating your own AD or your
Compliance department in their roles. Or where was the outrage at the NCAA

I understand if you don’t want to respond and answer my questions. It’s
easy to throw stones in your own glass house.

If you have written an
article about Pastner and Stephenson, I do
apologize. I just can’t seem to find it.

Thanks for replying…

On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 12:19 PM, Calkins, Geoffrey < wrote:

"Lordy.I have not written a column on Lance. I have no idea what Josh is like, yes, but, yes, I’ll certainly weigh in on him, too, as I take the measure of him.Be clear, though: If John had needed Lance, he would have taken him. He took Sean Banks who burned a lit cigarette into a girl.You don’t think I’ve taken Memphis to task? Really? Did someone take your SAT for you, too? I RIPPED R.C. Johnson yesterday for the way he simply turned his program over to John the last nine years, doing anything and everything John asked. I’ve ripped the president for reinstating Jeremy Hunt.See, here’s the thing: Your fundamental premise is wrong. You think I’m a homer and don’t criticize Memphis people. I have my faults, I assure you, but that is not one of them.Last thing: I don’t loathe John or anything. He did some magnificent things here. He “gets it,” not just in terms of building a basketball team, but in the way he connects with the larger community. I would say, all things considered, the good outweighed the bad during his time in Memphis. No matter how the hearings turned out.It’s just, I’m able to see John for what he is, too. Most Memphians were not. And now Kentucky fans like you want to rip me — the messenger — instead of accepting that John comes with some deserved baggage.If you have any particular questions beyond this, feel free to write. I am getting swamped lately, however, so I probably won’t be able to continue to debate this in such detail. Send me whatever you like and I’ll almost certainly read it. Appreciate you taking the time.Geoff.Paul Jordanto“Calkins, Geoffrey” dateSat, May 30, 2009 at 12:32 PMsubjectRe: Message via the Web sitemailed-bygmail.comhide details May 30 (10 days a fromPaul Jordanto“Calkins, Geoffrey” dateSat, May 30, 2009 at 12:32 PMsubjectgo)ReplyDon’t you think you deserve to be ripped for your performance or are you actually proud of the way you presented yourself?The fact of the matter is that Calipari has not been named and you still in a round about wayblame Calipari by saying the AD turned over all control to him. Where was your compliance departmentduring this time?It just seems that since you want to associate Cal with scoundrels, you have not made a preemptivestrike at Pastner for recruitting the same type of scoundrel. Surely sexual assult weighs up withwhat any other player has done.To be honest, I think the NCAA allegtions are utter BS and find it interesting this would not be consideredmajor unless it was for the women’s golf team at UM. This is similar to the Duke situation with CoreyMaggette and Duke got off scott free and I hope your program does the same.I have no problem with you reporting your negatives along with the positives but youcame off as shrill, whiny, and as having a personal vendetta yesterday. So you deserveto be taken to task. Saying Cal runs without scoundrels and not admonishing your new coachfor jumping in the same pool is rason to be bashed.But thank you for saying Cal was mostly good. I think a lot of the baggage is unwarranted since hedid turn in Camby at UMass…. but I guess UK fans can be prepared to embrace the hateyou guys have been living with since hiring him.– Hide quoted text –And like that, my conversation with Geoff was over. Fin. I have to admit, he was a bit more gracious than I expected and that I was especially aggressive (I had just watched Frost/Nixon the night before and was looking for a nerd fight) but he failed to address a lot of what I was saying and kept to his pre packaged responses.I do have more questions for Geoff. It may be time for round 2 soon…."

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