Kentucky Wildcats Football: Analyzing attrition

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Sep 24, 2011; Lexington, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats cheerleaders run onto the field before the first half against the Florida Gators at Commonwealth Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE

With the recent departures of RB Brandon Gainer, LB Justin Henderson, LB Timothy Patterson, and DL Nermin Delic, I thought to take some time and look back at the past four recruiting classes Kentucky has brought in.  I separated players out into categories based on whether they are a part of the current roster, left the team prior to using up their eligibility, have graduated, or did not qualify out of high school.  After separating the athletes out, I took a look at how they’ve contributed in their time at UK to see how each stacks up against another AFTER player attrition was factored in.  Here are the results… 


* – Started at some point/ played meaningful snaps

** – Enrolled in a later class

# – Left Early for NFL

## – May give up football this year

Bold – Projected starter in 2012




Total players: 20

Still w/ team: Aaron Boyd, E.J. Fields, Gene McCaskill*, Cartier Rice*, Matthew Smith*, Collins Ukwu*, Trevino Woods, Taylor Wyndham*

Left: Eric Adeyemi*, Osaze Idumwonyi, William Johnson, Deaunte Mason, Sean Stackhouse, Dave Ulinski

Graduated: Chandler Burden*, Randall Cobb#, Winston Guy*, Matt Roark*, Danny Trevathan*

DNQ: Donte Rumph**

Thoughts: This class has really panned out well.  Of the players that left the team, Only Adeyemi made any real on-field contribution (slight as it was) and the only player not expected to contribute this season is Aaron Boyd.  Winston Guy, Danny Trevathan, and Randall Cobb were all stars before leaving and none of the players that left were expected to contribute at the time of their departure.  One last thought: E.J. Fields will probably be granted a sixth year of eligibility (due to injuries) next year if he applies for it and that Donte Rumph will be a junior this year.  If both take the field in 2013, they will be playing three years after classmate Randall Cobb left for the NFL.

Class Grade: B

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