Top 5 important commits for Kentucky basketball this spring

Kentucky landed seven commits through the transfer portal this spring. Let's breakdown the importance of the key five that Pope is bringing in.
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. 1. Player Ranking. Shooting Guard / Wing. Koby Brea. 2316. . Senior. Koby Brea. player

This is a no-brainer. Landing Koby Brea was essential to the success and ceiling Kentucky could have this season.

Why? His ability to shoot and open up the rest of the floor.

Mark Pope said it himself -- Koby Brea is going to be 'the key' for Kentucky to play the way he wants it to offensively.

Brea averaged 11.1 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.2 assists this season and shot 49.8 percent from three -- the best in the country. He made three 3s a game and hit 100 for the season.

While Brea is very good on the ball coming off of pick and rolls as the ball handler, it's his ability to play off the ball which is extremely lethal. He ranked in the 100th percentile, with an 83 percent effective field goal rate. He also ranks in the 96th percentile in spot up shots, scoring 1.47 points per possession.

That's going to pair perfectly with new point guard Kerr Kriisa in the fold.

Any time you have the top three-point shooter in the nation and one of the best shooters consistently over the last few year, that's going to be a major addition.