Top 5 important commits for Kentucky basketball this spring

Kentucky landed seven commits through the transfer portal this spring. Let's breakdown the importance of the key five that Pope is bringing in.
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Kentucky had just two players on the roster when Mark Pope went full steam ahead in the transfer portal. Now, he has a roster. And a legit one at that.

While there are still four scholarships available, the work Pope has done with his seven transfer signees is evident.

He landed experience, experience and more experience. That's vital when trying to put together a group that has never played before and rebuilding an entirely new roster ... oh yeah, in your first year as the head coach at Kentucky.

In total, Kentucky added seven transfers. So, as the spring transfer window closed on Wednesday, we have some time to look at the pieces Mark Pope added.

So let's break it down with the top five commits, in terms of their importance, that Kentucky landed.