The 5 veterans from the NCAA Tournament who could transfer to save John Calipari’s job at Kentucky

College basketball has suddenly gotten much older and John Calipari needs to get with the times. These are five veterans that Kentucky could add this offseason to solve that problem and save Coach Cal's job.

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player. Reed Sheppard. . 1. . 528. Eligibility Remaining: 3. Reed Sheppard, PG. Freshman. Reed Sheppard, PG

His one NCAA Tournament game was a disaster, just three points on five shots in 26 minutes, but the only player who could get Big Blue Nation to buy into another year of John Calipari is Reed Sheppard. 

Jeff Sheppard’s son exceeded every expectation in Year 1, so much so that he’s even being talked about as the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft. However, he may have some unfinished business at Kentucky and could want to make a run at a national title, like his father did in 1998. 

This time, Calipari would have to do this right. No handshake deals to other point guards to start over him, no talented but mercurial ball-dominant guards uninterested in defense next to him, and no putting the ball in his hands late in the game after icing him out the entire game. Kentucky’s best chance to win a national championship in 2025 is to build the team around Reed Sheppard. Now it’s time to see if Reed Sheppard agrees.

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