Ranking Kentucky basketball coaches by their NCAA Tournament records

Oakland v Kentucky
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Rick Pitino. player. . . 1989-97. 1. Rick Pitino. Rick Pitino. 528. 22-5 NCAA Tournament record

Rick Pitino only stayed in Lexington for eight seasons. In less than a decade, he brought home an NCAA Tournament title and a jaw-dropping 81.5 percent win rate in the Big Dance.

The Wildcats won the national championship in 1996 under Pitino's leadership and made two separate runs to the Final Four. In Pitino's last year, Kentucky made its way back to the championship game where they were heartbroken by the Arizona Wildcats.

Pitino had just five postseason losses with Kentucky and an admirable 22 wins. His success rate in the NCAA Tournament is the greatest that the Wildcats have ever witnessed and he will be hard to usurp as No. 1 on this list.

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