Ranking Kentucky basketball coaches by their NCAA Tournament records

Oakland v Kentucky
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John Calipari. . 528. . player. 2009-present. 32-11 NCAA Tournament record. John Calipari. John Calipari. 2

John Calipari has further cemented Kentucky's basketball team as one of the more perennial programs in the nation.

With a national title and one of the most memorable Final Four runs (2015), Calipari is truly one in a million. As the head coach of the Wildcats, he has gone 387-113 overall and has lost a minimal 11 games in the postseason.

As teams across the country raise the standard for collegiate men's basketball, Calipari has continuously met the standard. However, in the past decade, Calipari has started to seem a little out of his depths.

Calipari's 32-11 NCAA Tournament record is phenomenal and equates to a 74.4 percent win rate in the postseason, the second best in Kentucky history.