Ranking Kentucky basketball coaches by their NCAA Tournament records

Oakland v Kentucky
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30-18 NCAA Tournament record. Adolph Rupp. Adolph Rupp. 528. . 1930-72. 5. . Adolph Rupp. player

Adolph Rupp is the greatest overall coach that the Wildcats have ever had. I will live and die on that hill.

Rupp ran the Wildcats for more than four decades and won six national titles with the team – including four NCAA Tournament championships.

Let’s also think about the fact that the tournament used to be just a couple dozen teams instead of the 68 total teams that make the Big Dance now.

Rupp went 30-18 overall in the NCAA Tournament, a 62.5 percent winning rate. With four NCAA Tournament titles and just 18 losses over three decades, Rupp and Kentucky were the ultimate postseason dynamic duo.