Ranking Kentucky basketball coaches by their NCAA Tournament records

Oakland v Kentucky
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Eddie Sutton. 1985-89. Eddie Sutton. 6. player. 528. eddie sutton. . 5-3 NCAA Tournament record.

Eddie Sutton took over the Kentucky program after two incredibly successful and well-tenured coaches were in charge. Following Adolph Rupp and Joe Hall’s reigns was no easy feat for Sutton to fulfill but still, 5-3 is a pretty deplorable postseason record.

I’ll give Sutton credit, he had to figure out the newly configured NCAA Tournament in his first year of coaching the Wildcats. However, Sutton’s first year was his best year in the postseason.

Sutton went 3-1 in the 1986 NCAA Tournament and made it all the way to the regional finals before getting knocked out by Louisiana State.

After that first season, Sutton and the Wildcats made it past the Second Round just once in the 1988 tournament.