Kentucky football final NFL Mock Draft: Ray Davis with a chance to start as a rookie

Mark Stoops hasn't produced a first-round prospect for the 2024 NFL Draft, but he may be giving the league two impact starters and a third who could play in a pinch.
Kentucky Wildcats running back Ray Davis (1)
Kentucky Wildcats running back Ray Davis (1) / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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. Devin Leary. . Round 6 Pick 193. Devin Leary. 193. Quarterback. Devin Leary. player. 47

The New England Patriots are likely to end up with Drake Maye at No. 3 overall and signed Jacoby Brissett this offseason. The quarterback room will be crowded, even with Mac Jones down in Jacksonville, but new general manager Eliot Wolf may still have an incentive to draft Leary with one of his multiple sixth-round picks. 

Leary will turn 25 years old in his rookie season, which is a turn-off for most teams, but Maye needs a year or two of seasoning, so if Brissett gets hurt and head coach Jerod Mayo doesn’t think his first-round QB is ready, then his sixth-round quarterback to bridge the gap. 

While Leary isn’t a highly-touted NFL prospect, he does have an NFL arm and enough experience to play as a rookie and give a team serviceable reps in a pinch.

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