Kentucky basketball: Cats climb in latest AP Poll

Georgia v Kentucky
Georgia v Kentucky / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The Kentucky Wildcats avoided any major catastrophes this past week. The Cats handled both SEC challenges that were put in front of them and are now being awarded for the unscathed week. The team went into last week ranked eighth in the country. However, this week, the Kentucky stock has risen. Here's a look at your AP Poll from January 22nd.

AP Poll January 22nd 2024

1. UConn
2. Purdue
3. North Carolina
4. Houston
5. Tennessee
6. Kentucky
7. Kansas
8. Auburn
9. Arizona
10. Illinois

11. Oklahoma
12. Duke
13. Wisconsin
14. Marquette
15. Baylor
16. Dayton
17. Creighton
18. Utah State
19. Memphis
20. Texas Tech
21. BYU
22. Florida Atlantic
23. Iowa State
24. Colorado State
25. New Mexico

The Cats jump two spots in this week's rankings. Kentucky will be #6 in the country when they travel to Columbia to take on South Carolina tomorrow night. It's been discussed over and over again but bears repeating. There are no easy games in the SEC this season. College basketball has been absolute madness this season, and a chance at a one-seed in the NCAA Tournament is still not out of the question. This ranking will look entirely different in just a week's time. But for now, the Cats are proving they belong as one of the top programs this season.