Kentucky basketball: 5 things to know about the Georgia Bulldogs

What do we know about the Dawgs?
Oregon v Georgia
Oregon v Georgia / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The Kentucky basketball team is gearing up for another showdown with some Bulldogs. This time, it's the Dawgs from Georgia. The Cats are looking to sweep their week of conference play. Let's get to know our foe. Here are five things to know about the Georgia basketball team.

5. Head coach Mike White

Bulldogs head coach Mike White has already made massive strides with the program in just his second season in Athens. Georgia needs just three more wins to match their total from last season at 16. White had an incredible seven-season tenure at Flordia, where the team never suffered a losing season. It's easy to see why Georgia made White the head man of the program.

4. 3-1 in SEC play

Georgia vs. Kentucky will be for more than just a win on the court. Both programs enter the game 3-1 in conference play. With no East or West divisions anymore, each game has become even more important when it comes to seeding for the SEC Tournament. A loss on Saturday will send both teams way down the conference ladder, as four teams have a 3-1 record currently in the conference.

3. Three point shooting

The Bulldogs don't score as many points per game as the Wildcats. However, they still shoot very well from three. Ask any Kentucky fan who has watched more than five minutes of a game this season, and they'll tell you everyone shoots well against the Cats. If Kentucky isn't prepared to guard the perimeter, then Georgia's 35% shooting from deep could make it a long day at Rupp Arena for the home team.

2. Jabri Abdur-Rahim

The leading scoring for the Bulldogs is talented guard Jabri Abdur-Rahim. Abdur-Rahim is averaging nearly 13 points a game, shooting a scorching 41% from three-point-scorching range. However, in the Dawgs last outing, a win over South Carolina, Abdur-Rahim went just 3-11 from the field. But don't expect that same kind of performance from him when the spotlight is on Saturday.

1. Looking for 2 game winning streak over the Cats

Yes, the Dawgs are looking for their second consecutive victory over Kentucky. The Wildcats went to Athens last year and put up an abysmal performance that resulted in a 75-68 victory for Georgia. The last time Georgia had two consecutive wins over Kentucky was 2004. But these aren't last year's Cats. It's going to be a tall task for Georgia to create a winning streak.