Dick Vitale receives message from Mark Pope following cancer surgery

Dick Vitale is battling cancer again but the entire Kentucky basketball program is showing support.
STILL FROM VIDEO: Dick Vitale / Jeff Faughender/Courier Journal / USA

Dick Vitale continues to struggle with his battles with cancer but he has a big fan in his corner, in addition to tons of support around the country.

That fan? Kentucky head coach Mark Pope. And, he wants Vitale to know the entire community of BBN is behind him.

“Coach Vitale, it’s Coach Pope at the University of Kentucky,” Pope said in the video posted on social media. “Listen, I heard that you’re back engaged in the midst of this struggle and I just want you to know this, man. You know this, but you have so many people around this world that love you, including me, that are cheering for you and praying for you and giving you all the love we possibly can.”

Vitale, who is 85 years old, announced last week that he had been diagnosed with cancer in his neck. This is the fourth time in the last three years that Vitale has been through a cancer diagnosis.

“Get better soon because you’ve got to make a trip here to the University of Kentucky. Come join us for a practice, man. Come to a game. Let’s go, baby.”

There is no more iconic member of the college basketball community than Dick Vitale. The beloved icon hasn't been on the sidelines of a game in years.

Hopefully he can be back on the sidelines this fall and winter.

Regardless, the entire Kentucky basketball program is behind him.