'Calipari Specials' -- Early betting lines for Kentucky vs Arkansas released on FanDuel

FanDuel has already released early odds for potential Kentucky vs Arkansas matchups during the 2024-25 season.
University of Arkansas Introduces John Calipari
University of Arkansas Introduces John Calipari / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

While we don't know exact dates, we do know that Arkansas and Kentucky will likely play against each other at least once, if not twice, next season. And, regardless of when those matchups are, they will be some of the most antipicated inter-conference games in the SEC and around the country.

With Texas and Oklahoma set to join the SEC next season, matchups and schedules have yet to be formally announced -- but that doesn't mean the anticipation has to be put on hold.

Already, FanDuel has put out odds for Kentucky's potential matchups with Arkansas, both for a potential game at Rupp Arena and then at Bud Walton. It's called, 'Calipari Specials'.

Here is a look at the odds:

Kentucky to win at Rupp Arena: -162

Kentucky to lose at Rupp Arena: +125

Kentucky to win at Bud Walton Arena: +170

Kentucky to lose at Bud Walton Arena: -228

Because no announcment on matchups have been announced, any matchup that doesn't happen will void all bets.

Because of the who it is -- in John Calipari -- and the Kentuck brand, it is highly likely a matchup at Rupp Arena takes place. And, because of who it is and the Kentucy brand, it's also likely that the SEC has a return matchup at Bud Walton on the schedule as well.

Kentucky won both matchups this past season.