3 reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves are a great fit for Kentucky guard Rob Dillingham

Rob Dillingham has a terrific offensive skillset that would fit with a lot of teams, but his fit with the Timberwolves is the best.
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1. Leadership At The Position To Learn From

Every rookie needs strong mentorship in order to be successul and that's exactly what Dillingham will have in Minnesota.

Mike Conley is not only only one of the best leaders in the NBA, he's also one of the most respected players and teammates in the league -- shown when he won the Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award this season, the fourth time in his career.

He has played 18 years in the NBA and knows the ins and outs of being a true professional, both on and off the floor.

While the two players have extremely different skillsets, the maturity that Dillingham will likely see is unmatched.

When it comes to on the floor, who better to learn from at the moment than one of the newest faces of the league in Anthony Edwards. Edwards took the NBA by storm this past season and took his game to an entirely different level.

Edwards is a terrific scorer and has some of the same off-the-dribble abiliity that Dillingham has shown. But what he did this season was improve on his shot creation and playmaking skills.

Having that type of player help lead the way on the floor will help Dillingham's early growth exponentially.