3 reasons why the Houston Rockets are a great fit for Kentucky guard Reed Sheppard

Reed Sheppard was a great fit for the Houston Rockets and here are a few reasons why.
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3. High IQ Can Mask Some Of Surrounding Youth

A rookie doesn't typically come in and immediately improve the IQ of the roster, but that's a potential key with Sheppard.

Sheppard's IQ is off the charts on both ends of the floor. Not only has he played the game forever, he's been around it for longer. Both of his parents were standout players in college and Sheppard plays like he's been around the game for 20 years.

There's no hiding the fact that the Rockets are young and sometimes immature.

With Sheppard, while he's young, he isn't immature. Bringing him on the court will likely mask some of the inconsistent or immature play by some of the younger guys alongside him.

Overall, there are seven players in the rotation that are 23 or younger.