3 best NBA landing spots for Reed Sheppard to excel in the league

Reed Sheppard isn't coming back to Lexington to play for Mark Pope, and for him to succeed in the NBA, he'll need to land in the right spot with the right teammates.
Kentucky Wildcats guard Reed Sheppard (15)
Kentucky Wildcats guard Reed Sheppard (15) / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports
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. . 1. 2023-24: 22-60. . Key player: Victor Wembanyama. . 29. spurs.

Victor Wembanyama is even more than just a generational talent because we’ve truly never seen another player in the NBA like the French superstar. As a rookie, it took him about half the season to get comfortable before he started to dominate before he began to torch the rest of the league.

The Spurs need to quickly assemble a contender around Wemby because they simply cannot afford to waste another year of his healthy prime. Who knows how long that body can hold up? 

This year, San Antonio neglected to even give him a point guard, forcing Jeremy Sochan into the role at the start of the year. Sheppard is young, but he plays like a veteran, he’ll know how to get Wemby the play in the right spots and how to play off of him as a shooter. The Spurs need a point guard who can nurture the league’s next dominant force and that should be Sheppard.

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