Kentucky Football: tensions rise after Wildcats embarrassing loss to Vanderbilt

Mark Stoops the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Mark Stoops the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

There’s no other word to describe Kentucky’s 24-21 loss to Vanderbilt on Saturday other than embarrassing. A team and its fanbase believed they were past letdowns like this until nightmares of days of old soon unfolded at Kroger Field. How did a team with so much promise get to this moment?

It has been a decade since the Commodores came to Lexington and beat the Wildcats. The loss in 2012 to Vanderbilt was the final straw for Kentucky to make a change with their coaching staff and the start of Mark Stoops turning this program into a more respectable college football institution.

It took ten years to build it and one game for the Big Blue Nation to wonder how we circled back to this moment. Blame can be placed upon the offensive playing calling or the dreadful offensive line play that gave up four sacks today. However, Saturday’s game was an all-systems failure in every facet of the game. The Cats were outplayed and outcoached from the opening kickoff.

Reassessing The Situation

If you’re calling for Stoops’ job after this one, then you need to go sit in timeout until your temper tantrum has faded. He is the reason we are all upset about losing this game. He gave the Big Blue Nation the appetite for good football.

Still, Stoops shouldn’t be let off the hook, and I don’t think he is letting himself off the hook, either. I do understand not making in-season coaching changes, especially this late in the year. Now, this off-season, I don’t think there’s any question that Stoops will be looking at a brand offensive coordinator and a potential new offensive line coach.

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It’s hard not to be frustrated as a fan when you’re told this team has greatness at so many positions, and yet here we stand, looking at a potential six-win season. This loss isn’t the end of the world, but it sure was a glimpse into a past that none of us want to revisit.