Kentucky football: 5 teams the Wildcats need to schedule in the future

Kentucky football Kroger Field
Kentucky football Kroger Field /
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The release of the 2023 Kentucky football schedule was recently unveiled, and the first thing that stands out to me is cupcakes. The Wildcats first “real” challenge won’t be unit the fourth game of the season when the team travels to Vanderbilt.

For years, every team in power five conferences has scheduled lower-level talent to try and secure an easy win while giving the excuse that it helps keep these smaller programs alive. Let’s just be real; coaches want the easy win in hopes of stacking up the W’s in order to reach the bowl season.

What if teams actually started to schedule challenges in every game? What if the NCAA brought back regional rivalries? I’ve had what-if games play out in my mind for many, many years. Now, it’s time to bring those to reality. Here are 5 teams Kentucky should schedule in future seasons.