Kentucky football: 4 things Wildcats must do offensively to beat Florida

Kentucky's Trevin Wallace
Kentucky's Trevin Wallace /
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Kentucky football
Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis (Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports) /

Mystro Will Levis just needs to conduct the offense like an orchestra

Much like an orchestra conductor whose musicians come to attention when their maestro walks onto the big stage, the same can be said for Levis whose stage is 100 yards of turf and grass but the Kentucky players come to attention when he steps foot on it.

Levis has been tabbed as a possible Heisman Trophy candidate and listed as a possible top 10 NFL draft pick. This is one of several stages this season that Levis can prove just how well he can run and command an offense.

Florida quarterback Anthony Ricardson may have had a great opening game against Utah, but was injured much of 2021. He is dynamic but how much poise and command does the sophomore really have?

Levis on the other hand led Kentucky to a fantastic 2021 and showed constant poise under pressure in accomplishing this and commanded the respect of his team from the time he stepped foot on campus. Few players can ever do this.

Last year in leading the Cats to a 10-3 season the 6-3, 222-pound senior completed 233 of 353 passes for 2,826 yards and 24 touchdowns. Of the 13 interceptions, many were forced to try to make things happen and receivers who simply couldn’t catch and dropped and missed balls.

How much bigger and better can 2022 be?

Poised, confident, charismatic, and kooky, he eats bananas with the peel on and puts mayonnaise in this coffee, possesses the stature that when the talks the talk he also walks the walk.

He doesn’t have to duel with Richardson for flashy runs and throws, he simply needs to hold his head up in the huddle and tell them what he wants and the Kentucky offense will follow their leader downfield.

I think Levis will have more of a green light to take off running when there is no one open due to not having a solid back like Rodriguez to rely on for tough yards.

It’s a big game on a big stage and Levis loves these moments. Conducting the symphony to perfection and the curtain call will be a win in consecutive seasons against the Gators.