Kentucky football: 4 things Wildcats must do offensively to beat Florida

Kentucky's Trevin Wallace
Kentucky's Trevin Wallace /
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Kentucky football
Kentucky’s Dane Key touchdown reception (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Attention Kentucky football receivers the balls are coming your way

With Florida dismissing the Kentucky running game they will try to get to Levis and focus on the receivers. This by far is the deepest pool of talented pass catchers at both wide receiver and tight end in a long, long time.

Do you want the ball? Then just get open and Levis will put it in your chest like a missile. In fact, 9 different players caught balls against Miami and there is clearly room to grow that even more this week.

Tavion Robinson who transferred in this year is the focus of the Gators after 6 catches for 136 yards. Barion Brown, DeMarcus Harris, Smoke, Wright, and Jordan Dingle all had catches as did Brenden Bates and Chauncey Magwood each for a touchdown as Kentucky gained 303 yards through the air.

Dane Key had his dream first day in Kentucky blue pulling in four catches for 53 yards and his first touchdown. The Fredrick Douglas standout knows its a special group of receivers and while you are out to prove they belong.

Levis was also impressed with Key’s performance and will need that again this week when the stage is even bigger than last week.

I’m sure Key’s dad Donte who played at UK has told him all about the Swamp experience.  Levis will also need some magic from Key again this week.

"“That touchdown catch alone, that’s a strong hands catch that not a lot of people can make, For him to pull that away, to make that happen, that’s a route we work on a lot and we’re going to need him in situations like that and on the big stage. We know he will continue to be a big part of our offense.”"

There is also Justice Dingle and Izayah Cummings at the tightened who will see action and more than likely will have a ball or two come their way.