Kentucky Basketball: Cats outcoached- out played – out hustled -out of NCAA

Kentucky Wildcats forward Keion Brooks Jr. (Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports)
Kentucky Wildcats forward Keion Brooks Jr. (Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Sahvir Wheeler of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Winning a title takes great guard play, Kentucky had two but they faltered

Getting to the championship game a team has to have a great guard. Kentucky has two in Sahvier Wheeler and TyTy Washington and the few times they played and clicked together they were unstoppable.

However when they failed to show up, had bad games, bad turnovers, bad mistakes, and ultimately poor decisions and shot selection the product on the court was not good.

They were playing well together mid-season until both were injured. When they returned that chemistry just wasn’t mixing. One would be on the other would be off and vise versa.

Washington was supposed to lead them to a title game and then onto the NBA. Except the stage was too big for the freshman from Arizona. As it was in the opening game against Duke the final game too was basically a no-show.

Netting 5 total points to go with 2 rebounds and an assist in 32 minutes isn’t any world-shaking play.

Wheeler at the point again tried to do too much and it resulted in six turnovers including sailing a ball over Tshiebwe trying to force-feed him on the block. He repeatedly drove the lane only to stop, pick up his dribble, and got swarmed by defenders.

His line finished with 11 points, six assists, and four rebounds.

Is Wheeler the right fit to run this offense next season or does Calipari need to open up the transfer portal and look for someone who can? That will be debated.