Kentucky football: Night of horrors for Wildcats who bleed mediocrity

Kentucky vs Mississippi State (Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports)
Kentucky vs Mississippi State (Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Kentucky’s Chris Rodriguez Jr. fumbles. (Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports) /

Will Levis’ play and offense looked like a spell had been cast on him

Maybe somewhere in the hell of cowbells clanging a clan of witches cast a spell over Levis and the Kentucky football quarterback looked dazed, confused, and clearly mortal in defeat.

He continues to miss wide-open receivers especially on the deep balls, laser blaze balls to players on the short routes that ricochet everywhere, and when on the sideline looked like he had no idea what he was witnessing.

For all the good mojo that offensive coordinator Liam Coen has been building it was a waning crescent moon over the stadium that had the offense shadowed in darkness.

First, it was a missed pass to Wan’Dale Robinson that was off the mark near the goalline. He tried to force a pass between two defenders to Izayah Cummings near the goal as the first half was winding down and ended up being picked off. Throw it away and they would have at least had a field goal.

Another pass is deflected into the air and intercepted near midfield killing another drive.

Levis had ample opportunities to run the ball himself but for some reason chose not to. Kentucky was driving yet again and instead of tucking it and running it for what would have been a first down he rifled an incomplete pass.

He carried it just three times for nine yards.

Then there was Chris Rodriguez with the nightmare of carrying the ball again and having it leap from his hands. He fumbled it three times, losing one that Mississippi State recovered. He even resorted to putting on gloves.

He finished with 8 carries for 34 yards while Kavosiey Smoke had 8 carries for 17 yards. Robinson ran it just a single time for four yards. All that amounted to a grand total of 66 rushing yards.


In all Levis was 17 of 28 for 150 yards, one touchdown, and 3 picks.

Poor execution, poor play calling, and poor offensive everything.