Kentucky football: Night of horrors for Wildcats who bleed mediocrity

Kentucky vs Mississippi State (Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports)
Kentucky vs Mississippi State (Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Kentucky football
One of 3 Mississippi State rushing touchdowns. (Credit: Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports) /

Kentucky defense looked hazy getting outcoached by Leach trickery

The defense did all they could on the field, but the coaching was left in a trance with dizzying play-calling by Mike Leach.

When asked by SEC sideline reporter Cole Cuberic about the trickery his team played running their offense Leach denied there were tricks and more than that plays were always there.

Well, that comes from a coach who goes on record saying he hates to run the ball.

Brad White was not prepared for the Bulldogs to run nearly as many balls as Rogers threw it. In the end four rushers, if you count Rogers who was gimpy all night, ran it 35 times for 94 yards. That may not seem like much but it was enough to baffle White and Stoops.

Truth be told no one would have seen this coming as MSU had only carried it 134 times all year for just 341 total yards.

But there were not a lot of adjustments made and the Bulldogs ran it in for touchdowns three times with Dillion Johnson getting two and Jo’Quavious Marks another. They only had four as a team all year coming into the game.