Kentucky Basketball: Blue-White game leaves us oozing with anticipation

Kentucky Wildcats Jacob Toppin (Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports)
Kentucky Wildcats Jacob Toppin (Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Kentucky guard Sahvir Wheeler (Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports) /

Loads and loads of offense on full display

Kentucky finished last season 9-16 and struggled to score points in most games finally averaging just 70.4 points per game for the year just 0.2 more than its opponents.

That number will pale greatly in comparison this year.

The final score was Blue 102, White 80. Even in defeat, the White scored more points than last year.

Just look at these numbers, and yes defense is always lacking in scrimmages but it’s a bit mindblowing.

Oscar Tschiebwe 34 points, 25 rebounds

TyTy Washington 24 points, 10 assists, 3 steals

Lance Ware 20 points, 10 rebounds

Keion Brooks Jr. 20 points, 7 rebounds

Bryce Hopkins 18 points, 10 rebounds

Kellan Grady 16 points

Sahvir Wheeler 11 points, 11 rebounds

It was a big secret as to the actual starting lineups till about 3 hours before game time but it ended up with Wheeler, Washington, Hopkins, Tshiebwe, and Daimion Collins matching up against Davion Mintz, Dontaie Allen, Hopkins, Brooks, and Ware.

Cal swapped some players around as the game went along but it’s clear no matter what five guys are on the floor you won’t see a significant drop-off and multiple combinations can be played.

For what it’s worth the Blue squad shot 58 percent from the field and the White 47.8. Combined they were 18 of 46 from behind the arc for 39-percent.

We didn’t even see Jacob Toppin or CJ Fredrick play as both are coming back from injuries and practicing but kept of out the game as a precaution.

Cal was asked about the depth of this team and how it has developed.

"“The best thing that’s happened is the competitiveness has raised the level. You can see. Like if you don’t play hard in these practices or fly up and down the court, you just look bad. So it forces guys. They’re forcing each other to be uncomfortable. Instead of me having to do it, they’re doing it to each other. Now you start being comfortable being uncomfortable, now you got it. Now it’s a wrap. These guys, they’re running.”"

There are so many ball handlers no matter their position so bringing the ball up the court, finding players, and driving the lane is going to create opportunity after opportunity across the court whoever’s hands its in.