Kentucky Football: 3 reasons why Wildcats will seize the day and beat LSU

Izayah Cummings of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Izayah Cummings of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Kentucky Wildcats defensive back Davonte Robinson (9), defensive end Josh Paschal (4), defensive lineman Josaih Hayes (99), and linebacker DeAndre Square (5) (Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports) /

Kentucky football feeds off a defense that continues to impress

Kentucky ranks No. 25 in the nation in rushing defense allowing a measly 104 yards a game, and rank No 44 in passing defense only surrendering 121.8 yards a game.

Through five games they have allowed teams combined to score just 84 points. That is tied with Boston College for 21st in scoring defense at 16.8 points a game. Teams have only found the endzone nine times and the UK defense has forced teams to settle for seven field goals.

Kentucky must deal with its first major injury blow when nose guard Marquan McCall went down with a lower leg injury in Saturday’s game. He is out most like 5 to 6 games.

Other than that they are healthy and a very cohesive unit.

However, with all their success defensive coordinator Brad White spoke to the media about how they can quickly be knocked down to earth.

"“The SEC does that. Every week, you look at that next opponent that you’re playing and you know you can be humbled pretty quick. If you’re doing anything other than looking at the opponent you’re about to face, then you’ve got other issues. I think this group is mature and I think the senior leadership understands how this works.”"

Those we expected to lead the charge have not disappointed and others have stepped up to the challenge.

DeAndre Square has been a driving force all year leading the team with 37 tackles, followed by Jacquez Jones (33), Yusuf Corker and Carrington Vallentine (29), Tyrell Ajian (26), Davonte Robinson (24), and then the most important player Josh Paschal (22) who just comes up with big play after big play in a key situation.

JJ Weaver has made a much quicker recovery and contribution after last season’s major injury has 15 tackles and killed Florida’s chances with a huge interception.

Others who are making impacts are Octavious Oxendine, Cedric Dort, Quandre Mosely, and Jalen Geiger just to name a few.

This squad continues to stake its claim as one of the best defenses in the land.