Kentucky Football: Three things Wildcats must do to beat Florida

Kentucky and Florida. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Kentucky and Florida. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Kentucky’s Josh Ali fumbles. (Credit: Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports) /

Kentucky continues to live dangerously with turnovers somehow surviving

Week after week this continues to be a sore subject topic that isn’t getting any better.

Fumbles, interceptions, bad snaps, bad reads are like watching the old Football Follies – funny unless it’s your team that is on display.

How Kentucky is a minus -9 on the year and undefeated is mind-blowing and numbing. They rank dead last in FCS rankings in this category. LAST.

Just how good could this team be if it wasn’t giving it up. It sure would be nice to see.

This is week 5 and hopefully, by now UK coaches have gotten to the root of the problem and addressed it. Stoops thinks so.

"“There’s no excuse when we have to clean up the turnovers, the fumbles in particular. I believe it’s something that we can get corrected, and we will.”"

Kentucky has fumbled 14 times so far losing six to go with the five interceptions.

With the team teetering on moving to 5-0 on the season or suffering its first loss of the 2021 season cleaning these things up, getting firepower from the big weapon players, and just rising to the occasion is the script. How well they follow this script will lead to either a happy or very, very gruesome finale.

Tune in Saturday at 6 pm EST on ESPN and get ready for a thriller.

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