Kentucky Football: While not pretty Wildcats gutsy performance sweet win

Kentucky’s Will Levis
Kentucky’s Will Levis /
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Kentucky will always find the most bizarre, inopportune times for miscues

For all the good things there is indigestion and plays that make us scream, throw things of the twilight zone type of things that always seem to happen to us.

For the second game in a row, Levis lasered a pass that was behind a receiver, flew off his hands, and into the arms of a defender some 10 yards or more behind the play. Last week Josh Ali was the target and this week it was Isaiah Cummings.

Levis has a rocket of an arm but sometimes that trajectory needs a bit more finesse rather than jet fuel.

Then there is the Rodriguez fumble with Kentucky driving and looking to go up 28-7 with 1:41 to play in the first half.

Never mind. As he neared the goal line the ball popped out of Rodriguez’s hands and into the endzone where Missouri recovered.

The Tigers didn’t opt for the moral victory instead marched 80 yards in nine plays and just 1:37 off the clock, the ended as a 17-yard touchdown pass from Bazelak to Keke Chism with just four seconds left in the half.

Open the Pepto.

He nearly did it again as the Wildcats neared the endzone and the game tied 28-28. The ball came out and appeared to be a fumble with Eli Cox falling on it for Kentucky. Rodriguez got credit for it but Cox actually should have.

None the less it was the go-ahead and winning score.

You best believe Stoops saw all of the mistakes that were made, and he was a bit peeved after the game.

"“Yeah, I think that says a lot. Because, you know, you saw spurts out there tonight where we did some really — we were pretty good. And, you know, I just got to get some things ironed out. I mean, we just got to get a better killer instinct. You know, when we have an opportunity to ice it and, you know — like I said, I don’t want to single out any one guy. But some of those things are just really pissing me off. You know, we can’t fumble the football. There’s no excuse for that. And we got a chance to really put a fork in them. You know what I mean? And you can’t do it.”"

But then they decided to attempt a field goal to put the game away and – Matt Ruffolo’s kick is blocked giving Missouri one last breath of hope.

With the defense gassed they rose to the occasion and stuffed Bazelak and the final threat ended as they moved into UK territory thanks to JJ Weaver’s huge sack on 3rd and long for the Wildcat’s first sack of the night.

Still another catastrophe avoided as the bottle of pink stuff is now gone.