Kentucky Football: Quick 5 things we learned from Wildcats mauling ULM

Kentucky's Brendan Bates
Kentucky's Brendan Bates /
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Kentucky Wildcats defensive back Moses Douglass (credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports) /

You can’t be completely perfect and some areas must be cleaned up

You can’t be perfect in games and we know that is never the case with Kentucky. Nothing glaring stood out from this game just that the sloppy play at times has to be cleaned up for them to be competitive in the tougher games.

Interceptions will happen but making sure they were where they need to be will prevent this. Probably just some opening drive jitters. Stoops talked to SEC sideline reporter Allysa Lang as the teams exited the field after the game.

"“I am really pleased and encouraged. Couple of bad throws early but it was nice to see him settle down and do some good things and it was nice to see us complete the ball downfield for some big plays."

As for the defense, he added.

"“A lot of times we did some very good things and I praise them and the coaches, but once again we are shooting ourselves in the foot a little bit so we have to continue to get better there.”"

In his post-game conference, he also said there was no excuse for putting the ball on the ground with fumbles and w got to get cleaned up defensively – keeping that drive alive with penalties. That’s aggravating.