Kentucky Football: What does BBN really want to see from the Wildcat offense

Kentucky Wildcats mascot (Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)
Kentucky Wildcats mascot (Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports) /
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One day till Kentucky football kicks off the 2021 season and all of Big Blue Nation is anxiously waiting for some offensive fireworks to get the season off with a bang.

The Louisianna-Monroe Warhawks are in Lexington and fans are hoping that they will be the first sacrificial lamb for a season of high expectations. We want to hear “Touchdown Kentucky” come out of Tom Leach’s mouth over and over this year over the radio waves heard around the world.

To accomplish that it will also take a bunch more of “First Down Kentucky” booming throughout Commonwealth Stadium.

Kentucky football all we want are three simple things from the offense

As a big picture, these are simple, practical yet not always achievable over the past couple of seasons despite the Wildcats making a bowl game in each of the past five seasons.

Mark Stoops and former offensive coordinator Eddie Gran were so wrapped up in run the ball that the passing game became almost null and void. When they did go to the air either Terry Wilson couldn’t accurately get the ball to the receivers or they couldn’t hold on to them.

Predictable and dull to watch it was time for Stoops to make a change and Gran was dispatched and Liam Coen was brought in from the NFL’s  Los Angeles Rams to jumpstart the offense.

He brings in new schemes, philosophies, and game plans despite never actually having served as an offensive coordinator but fans are just wanting something to stand up and cheer about, and Max Duffy’s 60-yard punts don’t count.

So exactly what are myself and BBN looking for this year? Let’s keep it simple shall we?