Kentucky basketball: CJ Fredrick minor surgery plenty of healing time

CJ Fredrick (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
CJ Fredrick (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

Before everyone starts jumping from the rafters of Rupp Arena upon hearing that Kentucky basketball transfer CJ Fredrick had minor surgery let’s keep a few things into perspective.

The young man has plenty of time to heal.

It was proactive to repair a lingering issue.

Apparently is not a broken leg as some early rumors surfaced.

Kentucky’s roster is loaded with talent which allows him time to properly heal without being rushed back due to necessity.

Fredrick doesn’t have to rush back for Kentucky basketball to win

Unlike last season when Keion Brooks Jr suffered a mysterious injury that kept him out until January when he was due to return in November that team was desperate to have and needed him back on the floor. He didn’t see the floor until SEC play against Florida and by then the season was spiraling out of control.

Coach John Calipari made it public about the procedure Fredick underwent but didn’t specify much about it which he doesn’t have to due to HIPPA laws.

Kyle Tucker of The Athletic reported that Fredrick had a “minor procedure to clean up” an old injury that would go along with Calipari’s statement. He indicated the surgery had been planned for several weeks and was done this week because UK basketball players head home for about three weeks at the end of the week. Tucker said Fredrick was “expected” to be available for practice/workouts within a month.

Fredrick has talked about a plantar fasciitis injury before and said it had been bothering him for some time.

He addressed this back in June when he met with the media.

"“I had a really tough injury this past year. It was just something really naggy. I had plantar fasciitis in my left foot and it mentally and physically took a lot out of me. Waking up in the morning trying to take a step and I’m kinda collapsing. That’s tough. I’m trying to practice then play. It took a lot out of me mentally. Just being in the training room all day.”"

On April 19, Fredrick announced he was leaving Iowa and entered the transfer portal, and then made his way to Lexington to suit up for the Wildcats this upcoming season. The 6-foot-3 junior sharpshooter is expected to add much-needed outside shooting for Kentucky.

In his two seasons at Iowa, he connected on 83 of 143 shots (46.6 percent) from behind the arc, made 58 of 78 from the free-throw lane, and finished with 489 points in 52 games. This past season he drained five 3-pointers each in games against North Carolina and Minnesota.

This past year he started 27 games but had to miss four full games and three-second halves of other contests after January, 17 due to a lower leg injury.

Speculation would lead one to believe this current procedure has something to do with that. But again purely non-medical expert speculation.

Frederick has worked very hard since coming home and working out with the Wildcats. The Covington native has already dropped over 10 pounds, and the Iowa Men’s Basketball Big Ten Sportsmanship Award honoree is a big hit with kids during camps.

The Wildcats are finishing practice this week and Calipari is sending them home for three weeks before fall classes begin on August 23.

Fredrick will have time to rehab at home during this time.

Rest, relax and enjoy the break the team and Big Blue Nation will be fine.

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