Kentucky Football: 2021 schedule released, SEC Championship or bust

Kentucky Wildcats mascots lead the team to the field (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Kentucky Wildcats mascots lead the team to the field (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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840. 31. 833. Prediction. 37

Kentucky loses another heartbreaker to Florida… ugh.

This is where the rubber meets the road early into the 2021 season. The tough stretch that sees Kentucky at home against Florida and LSU, then on the road to Georgia. If Kentucky can get one of these, and steal another all bets are on for one of the most memorable Kentucky Football seasons maybe ever.

I might be one of the most optimistic Kentucky Football fans out there, and I really want to pick Kentucky to win this game but I just can’t. I’m kind of a stats guy, and until we can rattle several in a row off against the Gators I can’t pick us to win. Nobody will take the guy who picks Kentucky to beat Florida seriously, even though the wins aren’t there I still feel besides last year Kentucky has been better than them the last several years.

Every person on earth I’m quite sure has seen Kash Daniel and his Stone Cold Steve Austin GIF right after Kentucky broke the streak in the swamp. I was watching it live, I’m quite sure that this was maybe the second time my wife with whom I’ve shared life of almost 12 years with has seen me cry. I never played a down of football for the University of Kentucky, but I felt what they felt at that exact moment.

Now, these aren’t your father’s Florida Gators, they aren’t what they used to be, but they’ve owned Kentucky. They can be beaten, and I think Kentucky has about a slightly better chance than 50 percent to win that game. I just can’t pick it, I can’t do it… I want to, and it pains me I just can’t.

Florida has a 53-18 win advantage in the series and Kentucky has won only twice since 1980.

Mind you Dan Mullen is running the show, and he’s kind of a jerk and there won’t be Kyle Trask and Kyle Pitts burning up Kentucky’s secondary but they are the defending SEC East Champions. Once again Kentucky may be better, but can still lose.

Could the Gators be a bit banged up after hosting Alabama and Tennessee the two previous weeks? Kentucky could take this as a big advantage.

I see this game coming down to the final drive of the game, it could be an ESPN instant classic. A slobber knocker as Jim Ross would call it. Two fairly evenly matched teams duking it out all the way to the end, with Florida scoring a touchdown on the final drive of the game. I hope I am wrong. Hey, 4-1 is a heck of a start, if it comes to it Kentucky fans would take that.