Kentucky Basketball: Wildcats need to roar into Athens and quiet the Dawgs

Davion Mintz of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Davion Mintz of the Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Transition defense whose will falter

Georgia will try to run and shoot, but where they struggle defensively is giving up transition baskets on defense by getting beat according to Howard. Kentucky struggles not only in transition defense but near the baskets getting beat both in the paint and along the baseline.

Georgia is ranked eighth in all of Division I basketball with an impressive stat of 76.8 possessions per game.

Mintz said the Cats know they aren’t producing when they make stops on defense.

"“With the offensive struggles, the problem is we’re getting the stops on defense. We’re holding teams to .5, .6 points per possession. Then we’re coming down and we’re struggling to score. We’ve just got to point points on top of those kills, which is three stops, and we can’t have times in the game with three, four-minute segment periods where we’re not scoring. I think that’s where it hurts us sometimes."

Kentucky is 0-8 when scoring fewer than 65 points this season and currently averages 67.4, but is 4-0 when scoring at least 65. Time for the Cats to run, shoot and score. This would be the game to get some of that offense flowing and avoid droughts.