Kentucky basketball: Wildcats “me” attitude puzzling as is substitutions by Cal

Kentucky's Lance Ware. Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports
Kentucky's Lance Ware. Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kentucky basketball
Brandon Boston. Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports /

Then the 2nd half started

But then the second half started and out trotted the same five that began the game and Auburn took advantage.

As the Tiger shooters came to life the Kentucky fighters sat on the bench waiting and waiting and waiting.

By the time Allen who had been the most productive of the first half entered the game seven minutes had passed by and Auburn had caught up at 39-39 and taken the lead.

And Calipari’s explanation in the post-game show was just as puzzling.

"“At the end of the day, we were running stuff for Dontaie and he wouldn’t shoot the ball. That’s why I took him out the one time. We ran two things for him and he had shots and he wouldn’t take them. I’m like, ‘Look. You’re in there to make shots.’ That’s one thing. But look, Dontaie wasn’t the issue.”"

However, in the same breath, he mentioned several players not shooting the ball. Allen is the best player and sat through the first half of the season for some unknown reason. But to pull him for passing up two shots makes little sense.

Yet Boston fires up airballs and drives the lane flipping balls as Calipari refers to it. But his downward spiral and failure to be a team player get noticed a lot.