Vince Marrow: Kentucky Football Keeps Big Dog in the Bluegrass

Kentucky Football Associate Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator Vince Marrow had the opportunity to pursue the Head Coach vacancy at Youngstown State. He has decided to stay at Kentucky.

It is the new normal for successful football programs. Schools who are looking for head coaches attempt to raid the coffers of winning teams, hoping to glean a part of the secret sauce by hiring staff members and assistant coaches away.

Kentucky Football has had unprecedented success over the last few years under Mark Stoops. And the programs have come calling on his assistants.

First, Murray State came calling for Dean Hood, Special Teams Coordinator for Kentucky Football for the past 3 seasons. Now, Youngstown State has come calling for Vince Marrow to return to his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio and lead their football program.

Vince Marrow posted this announcement via Twitter with regard to his decision:

Hey BBN I love and appreciate you guys more than you know! It’s been a pleasure working for UK fans across the country. That said my desire to stay in the Commonwealth is greater than my desire to return to Youngstown and be a Head Coach. Thanks for the respect & consideration.

Under Coach Stoops, a certain exclamation has become the signature on social media when Kentucky Football gets a commitment from a big recruit.

I’m sure that I join all of Wildcat Blue Nation when I exclaim:


Vince “Big Dog” Marrow has been Kentucky Football’s top recruiter under Coach Stoops, culminating in U.K. reeling in a historically good class for 2020.

This decision impacts the coming signing date of February 5th, as well. Kentucky Football is still working to secure letters of intent from a few recruits, and those recruits were paying close attention to Coach Marrow’s decision.

According to a report from 24/7 Sports, Dublin (OH) Coffman star Michael Drennen II had his eyes peeled on the Vince Marrow situation.

“I want to make my decision on February 5, but there might be something happening that could change things for me,” he added. “At Kentucky, I’m reading that (assistant coach) Vince Marrow could be getting the head coaching job at Youngstown State and he and I have had a relationship since I was in the eighth grade. I’m not saying his decision will make my decision for me but I’m watching that.”

“He’s the main person I speak to at Kentucky and him leaving kind of makes me nervous a little bit,” he admitted. “He was the first coach to ever offer me a scholarship and we have stayed close. I have been to Kentucky so many times and I’m very comfortable there. I know that school better than any school that has recruited me.”

Does this decision secure the signing of Drennen with Kentucky Football? We will find out on Wednesday. What this decision ensures is that the Cats keep their best recruiter on staff as they look ahead to putting together more stellar classes and building on their current momentum in 2021 and beyond.

Recruiting in the SEC is a contact sport- and let everyone in the conference and the country take heed. When you walk by that Big Blue fence, there will still be a sign that says “Beware of the Big Dog!”