UPDATE: Hayley Robic’s fight with Liver Cancer

Wildcat Blue Nation’s update on the status of Hayley Robic, daughter of Kentucky basketball assistant John Robic, who was diagnosed with liver cancer five days ago.

This one hits close to home. Last Thursday night, Hayley Robic announced via Instagram that she had been diagnosed with liver cancer, a diagnosis that requires a new liver. Kentucky Sports Radio first reported the announcement of Kentucky assistant coach John Robic’s daughter and it has since catapulted throughout the web.

In that piece, KSR detailed her announcement revealing the illness and her sister’s cry for help, as well as a link to find out if you are a suitable donor. Please click on this link to see if you are indeed a donor and can help out one of BBN’s own.

In a piece written by The Athletic’s Seth Davis, Robic reveals how hard this situation has impacted him. “Today has been — well, I can’t use the word overwhelming enough. The support for her has been great. I can’t thank everybody who reached out enough.”

After a wave of support and attention flooded the Robic family, the reality of the situation was revealed – Hayley had been dealing with this for a while. In fact, she was diagnosed last fall after emergency surgery in response to severe abdominal pain. In surgery, doctors removed one tumor that had grown to the excess of 15 centimeters and was “the size of a baked potato.”

Hayley will travel to Pittsburgh to be examined and tested to determine whether she should pursue a living or deceased donor. But for now, she will be moved to Lexington to stay with family.

In response, John Calipari was shaken by the incident, as Coach Robic has worked and known Calipari for over thirty years. Here is what he had to say of the bad news:

BBN, let’s find Hayley a donor.