Twitter Reacts: Kentucky Basketball v. Alabama

Let’s join in on the Twitter fun and parse through the best stats, reactions, and comments from Kentucky Basketball’s 76-67 win over Alabama:

1. Kentucky’s lack of offensive weapons (@Kyle Tucker)

This stat from Kyle Tucker of The Athletic is a great example of Kentucky’s lack of offensive weapons. When there are five guys on the court, more often than not, Kentucky does not have five offensive weapons. This is why Coach Cal relies on this group of five – Hagans, Maxey, Sestina, Quickley, and Richards – to seal the deal and win ball games, especially in the second half.

2. Kentucky’s historic win (@Corey Price)

With the win over Alabama, Kentucky becomes the first team in the SEC to eclipse 1,000 wins. This puts Kentucky’s all-time SEC record at 1000-281, good for a 78% win percentage. Corey Price reveals that the Cats’ first win came against none other than… Tulane – in 1932.

3. Big performances warrant raving reviews (@Jack Pilgrim)

Alabama head coach, Nate Oats, was not shy with showering praise on this year’s Kentucky squad. The gracious coach, however, had his mind set on two players in particular – Nick Richards and Immanuel Quickley. This duo has been essential in not only scoring the basketball effectively, especially in the last four games, but defending the ball at an excellent rate. Here are his words:

4. JUNIOR NICK RICHARDS !!!! (@Scott Charlton)

Yes, you know it, and I do too. This year’s version of Nick Richards is insatiable. He never quits. Despite poor efforts in back-to-back losses in Las Vegas where the big man totaled seven points in two games, he has evolved into Kentucky’s most essential piece.

5. Highlights and Player of the Game (@Kentucky Basketball)

Not our best performance but today’s game was too fun not to rewatch. Check out UK MBB’s highlights of today’s game and see if you can guess their selection for Player of the Game:

6. Immanuel Quickley? He’s hot. (@Maggie Davis)

Immanuel Quickley needs not an introduction. He has transformed into our biggest weapon – offensive, defensive, and otherwise – and has singlehandedly kept Kentucky afloat in many close contests this season. You may know him quiet, reserved, and eyes tightly shut. But reporters see him, funny, lively, and perhaps a little dramatic.

7. Let’s admit it, that game wasn’t pretty. (@Justin Rowland)

Don’t lie. As the game wore on, the less confidently you confided in Kentucky. While the game may have never been in doubt, Alabama sure made it interesting. So, how was this game close despite Alabama’s inability to score. Justin Rowland has a take: