Kentucky Football: Players get added motivation from interesting weight room sign

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It’s not a secret that Kentucky Football is on the rise. But, how far are they from being a real contender?

According to a sign that now hangs on the wall near the entrance of the revamped weight training facility, these Kentucky football coaches aren’t leaving room for doubt. After many members of the media are forgetting about the talent returning on the 2017 Wildcats.

To say that Kentucky is a National Championship contender is more on the wishful thinking side of things. But, in order for the Wildcats to get to that point, high hopes and wishful thinking are the fuel that can get a program to that point. Just a few short seasons ago, the Kentucky Wildcats were playing the Clemson Tigers in the Music City Bowl. Now look at the Tigers. A few short years and top ranked recruits later, they are one of the top teams in the country. Clemson dethroned the great Alabama Crimson Tide just last season to win the College Football National Title.

Motivation is a wonderful tool. Take a look at the newest addition to the Kentucky Football training facility.

Rivals’ Justin Rowland said it best when he tweets “If it’s not your goal, why are you even trying?”.

A little crazy? Maybe.

There’s a ton of backlash from social media so far concerning the new sign. To some people, even some Kentucky Football fans, this might be the craziest thing you’ve ever seen. You may think that this never has a chance in hell of happening. Maybe they’re right. But, if you’re going to be a contender in the future you have to have this kind of mindset. Coach Mark Stoops and his staff are playing the mind games to get the best out of their players.

The truth is, Kentucky is doing their best to contend in the SEC East. But, when you think about things from a bigger picture, which conference has dominated the country he past decade? The SEC. The big dogs play in the south. Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida, and Georgia are constantly considered to be in the top 15-20 teams in the entire country. With multiple SEC teams winning national championships in recent history, the competition within the conference molds great teams.

If Kentucky can get to the point where they are considerably a threat to win the SEC East, it’s only a matter of time when they can compete for SEC Championships. When the Wildcats are atop the SEC, they will be in consideration for the College Football Playoff.

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Every team that has won national titles have been to where Kentucky is currently. Rebuilding a contender takes time. It takes tradition. For Kentucky’s coaches to make the statement that one day, the College Football Playoff will be a reality is genius. It’s the perfect kind of chess move that just might push Kentucky to their next step towards that goal.