Former Kentucky Wildcats Getting A Chance With NBA Teams


Aaron Harrison

A day after the disappointing revelation that Aaron Harrison wasn’t going to be drafted (disappointed in the teams not drafting Aaron), the Charlotte Hornets invited him to their summer league, and they will give him a shot. There are two things going for Aaron right now.

1.) You can’t teach size, and at 6-6 that makes him very versatile. He could essentially play 3 positions, point guard(needs work), his natural position shooting guard and he could play the small forward position albeit he’d be small but still he can do all those things.

2.) You can’t teach clutch. There was not one player the last 2 years more clutch than Aaron Harrison, from the 3 game winning threes in the tournament to the huge LONG three against Notre Dame and help complete the Connacht and send the Cats to the final four. If there are three things we judge the legacy of any NBA players it would be how many rings they have, how many points they scored and how clutch they are, Aaron has the clutch gene.

Aaron will make a team and play for an NBA team for a long time in the league, I firmly believe that.

DeAndre Liggins

DeAndre Liggins has bounced around from a couple teams in his NBA career, Oklahoma City Thunder and the Orlando Magic just to name a few. Today Liggins will get a chance to prove himself as the Sacramento Kings have asked him to join their summer league. He will likely join fellow Wildcat Willie Cauley-Stein in Summer League activities. If he makes the team, Liggins would be 1 of 3 former Wildcats on the Kings roster along with Willie and DeMarcus Cousins. Hopefully Liggins can take advantage of the situation after his release two years from the Oklahoma City Thunder following his arrest for domestic violence.

Darius Miller

The former Maysfield, Kentucky standout will get another shot at an NBA roster now that the Dallas Macericks have offered him a spot on their Summer League team. If you remember Darius Miller was with Anthony Davis playing for the Pelicans for two years. I think the Mavericks is a great fit. Like Aaron, Miller is very versitile and you can credit a little bit of that to John Calipari for playing him a multiple positions in college.

Josh Harrellson

Good ole Josh Harrellson, widely known as Jorts, will also get hisself another shot to make a NBA team. Josh was drafted by the New York Knicks and played pretty well for them actually but was eventually released. Then he almost had a shot of being on the Championship team Miami Heat in 2013, it was actually down to Jorts and Chris “Birdman” Anderson, unfortunately for Jorts, they chose Chris Anderson and the rest was history for that year. Then August of 2013 Josh signed a 2 year partially gaurenteed contract with my Detroit Pistons. He was eventually released and looking for another oppertunity. Well, now, the Phoenix Wildcats I mean Phoenix Suns have asked him to join their Summer League team. How cool would that be? Having 5 former Wildcats on one team? Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Archie Goodwin, Devin Booker and now possibly Josh Harrellson and if Andrew Harrison hadn’t got traded to Memphis it could possibly be six former Wildcats. Josh Harrellson always provides himself a good shot to make a team for one reason, he can shoot. Harrellson can spread the floor, and with a team that like to play fast and shoot, Harrellson might just fit in there perfectly in Phoenix.