Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Photobombs and invisible friends propel team to perfection

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Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Like most Kentucky fans, I thought that was a one time deal and that Calipari took Towns to the lockerroom and blistered the paint off the walls.  I was happy to see that I was wrong and that this photobombing Calipari thing was becoming a real thing.

Seriously, how many coaches would allow this?  Can you imagine Coach L getting photobombed by his players continually?  Jim Boeheim?  Rick Pitino?  But this has become a thing for Kentucky players and shows no sign of ending.  As a matter of fact, virtually the whole team was involved on Saturday night.

If that’s not enough fun for you, we also know exactly who Karl Anthony-Towns is talking to during the games when he appears to be talking to himself.  Meet Karlito.  

Towns told the Lexington Herald-Leader on Friday that he’s talking to his imaginary friend turned alter ego “Karlito.”

"“I don’t know if it’s self-talk (or) inner dialogue,” Towns explained. “I don’t know. But I know one thing. I (will) be talking to myself. I don’t know why. I’ll be having some good conversations with myself.” He wasn’t quite sure what to call the little voice that he claims sits on his shoulder, so teammate Tyler Ulis tried to explain. “He does this thing like where he looks down like he’s talking to somebody, and you never know who he’s talking to,” Ulis said. “When he does something good, he looks down and it’s like he’s talking to himself. Coach Cal calls it ‘Karlito.'” Karlito often makes appearances during moments when head coach John Calipari criticizes the big man’s play as a way for Towns to distract himself and refrain from talking back to his coach"

Photobombs and imaginary friends asiide, it is obvious that this team is having fun and playing loose like no Kentucky Wildcats basketball team under John Calipari.  Since the LSU game, Kentucky has destroyed South Carolina 77-43, beat Tennessee on the road 66-48, and whipped Auburn 110-75.

And if you are one of the media or fans that is saying that the Kentucky Wildcats weak schedule will be their downfall, Mike DeCourcy has this for you.

In the end, this Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team will be tested.  Probably in two or three straight games.  But from what we have seen so far, this team will not crack off the pressure.  They seem to be feeding off it.

Thanks to some timely photobombs and Karlito.