Are you ready for the start of the Kentucky Wildcats Football Dynasty?

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Aug 30, 2014; Lexington, KY, USA; Kentucky Wildcats running back Braylon Heard (5) runs the ball against the UT Martin Skyhawks in the first half at Commonwealth Stadium. Kentucky defeated UT Martin 59-14. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I know times are tough for many folks, but $20.00 is nothing to be present for what could be the turning point of the program’s future. For the price of dinner for two at Qdoba, you can look back 20 years from now and say “I was there when it started,” It’s more than just attending though, it’s being invested. Being loud. Being obnoxious even. There aren’t those “Blue Hairs” that have unobtainable season tickets in Commonwealth Stadium.

They will be there in Rupp telling you to sit down, that you’re too loud, or that you knocked their hard candies out of their pocket, but they won’t be in Commonwealth. Our generation has the opportunity to create a new culture for Kentucky football. We can be the new Oregon. The Indianapolis Colts are only recently relevant, but their fans are lauded for being some of the most influential spectators at any sporting event and in giving the home team a serious advantage.

We can do that, but only if you’re there. And you can’t just be there. You have to buy in like Stoops. Like his staff. Like his Players. Like the Athletic Department.

You have to take your kids and show them how much fun Kentucky football can be. Create your own culture. Those of you in my 25-40 year old range out there, it’s up to us to do this. We have to be the group that kick starts this thing. We’re finally financially stable enough to be homeowners, parents, contributing members of society. We still have the energy to cheer, yell, and tailgate at 8:00 AM following a workday. If we can do our part, we can be the last piece of the puzzle that makes Kentucky relevant for a long, long time.

The Kentucky Wildcats Football Dynasty is ready to begin.

Are you?