Week 4 SEC Power Rankings

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All of these games create a really interesting dynamic for Kentucky the remainder of this season. I had us picked with 4, MAYBE 5 wins this season. Going into the week of Florida I realized if UK could beat them, Kentucky going 5-0 to start the season was not out of the realm of possibility. They didn’t beat Florida but they COULD, 4-1 is still possible. They won their two “cupcakes” to start out, while they fell in the Swamp, they took a good Florida team to THREE overtimes and were barely beaten. They have Vanderbilt at home and if both teams play true to what they’ve been doing, Kentucky should get its first conference win of the Mark Stoops era. After that they get South Carolina at home- the way I view this game is last season we almost beat them on the road; we got better and in my eyes at least, they got worse. They beat Georgia, but nearly lost to ECU and Vandy- Kentucky CAN beat Spurrier’s Gamecocks. After South Carolina they have Louisiana-Monroe, not saying it’ll be a cupcake, but I’m not saying they’re anything comparable to UF at the Swamp either. The next game is where stuff gets real: LSU in Baton Rouge. Preseason I chalked that down as a definite “L”; now I’m not so sure. Mississippi State marched down there and beat them and I don’t find Mississippi State to be especially dominate either, so to continue with the UK Football attitude, why not us? In the coming weeks we’ll learn more about all these teams-who is over and under rated but I see it is possible for these young Cats now. After that they get Mississippi State at home, which again, is a possible win. They get Mizzou on the road, which is win-able. Georgia at home could give them a time, but Georgia did lose to SC, so if we can beat them, why not Georgia too? Tennessee and Louisville were my two toss-up games from the get go, but I think we beat Tennessee and Louisville is not out of the realm of possibility. Am I saying we go 11-1? No. But I’m not saying we can’t. Is this all premature and me over-analyzing? Absolutely. But I think me and the rest of the BBN is realizing that maybe we can start having football expectations once again and the schedule isn’t as bleak as we once thought.